Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exam week

* BLOW! my blog full of dustt!
Hmm exam still going on! says Bye bye to ADDMATH!
wahahha! sure get below 10 marks for it =(
Okay start blogging now!

Well, I must force myself to update bout the oldersrrrtttttttt post ;D
i think this bout end of april de outing!
For celebrating Babiess Twins birthday !
Venue : 1U Shogun!
Same Human being too!
Lazy list out..
Those photo ady very luin sui
hehe Paiseh yea =(


* Skip exam week !

went to jusco watched PRIEST with my BFF!
Keep on get shocked by this movie!
Must go watch!

HMM! Waiting the exam time to past!
thn my holiday plann comingg lu~ haha!

Bye =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Back from 1u!
Have a nice days with my classmates!
Wait for my next post!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My Babe Nie de Birthday =)
Weell, v good back liao =X
simple good ending =D haha
I'm not going to type muchh.. so just enjoy the pichaaass =)

IR Night!
everyone was so nice that day!
spend alot of money on that day =)
enjoyy the lenqq pichaass =D

The Partners

Marcus said they look lyk twinss?

I miss the xiiao za bor much seriously

Special punya frennn

The middle is vampire =D
the effect la =X

I love this pichaa

Withh sei whiteyy

Lenq zai tak him??! hahha!


The gang without 2 lenqlui
dunno where they gone that time

The Partners

The Partnerss
I'm short =X
why is him so tall ? LOL

Having fun on that day
v keep on stand at outside oli..
Din't eat their food
V went to secret recipee eat =D
My shoes damn high
wear until my leg almost patah
Make me pokgai =X
overnight at twins house that day
2++oli sleep after i upload those photo
Freaking tired =( but I miss that night 99!

wake at 6.45a.m or play basketball wif my classmate
bout 9 smething back home
thn went for breakfast
V planned for movie(ghost movie)*ps/ dunno what name LOL
Quite scary actually n funny too! =X
whole movie keep on borrow ss's shirt to cover my whole eye
Sei Bai keep on ka ka cau cau me n wei
Hak Sei me ><
finish movie
We went for tesco for our teatime =)
after that , thn home sweet home =)

Well, this whole week our skul having karnival permainan
I'm so so so so tired=(
once i reach home, straight lye at my sofa sleep first, reli behtahan
Thn night become 夜鬼 with someone =)
today so bekcek some team
ISH! Don't wanna say here..
it may spoilt each other image!

Long post huh?
hehe.. picha lot oli =X
End =)